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Meet Erian


The fundamental parts of of ERIAN are designed for high demanding businesses. ERIAN is bringing the best academic science and efficient business acumen together!

Meet Erian:

ERIAN is the cutting edge innovative Recommendation and Execution Architecture (REXA) which enables businesses to transform the ever-growing amount of (very complex) data, data streams and so on, into for this business relevant- knowledge and execution to increase and optimise bottom line result. Part of ERIAN is our innovation on non-linear predictive analytics.


You are in control! ERIAN´s flexibility guarantees you the utmost flexibility to enable you to increase your bottom line to the max!

Erian System
ERIAN is designed to be operated at your command, either via network, stand alone, cloud service, SaaS, or...
Erian System

predictive analytics

Future proof predictions with mind blowing accuracy that will elevate your business to the highest possible level of control.

Erian System


ERIAN’s recommendations convert any amount of any data real time into reliable and valuable business knowledge.

Erian System


ERIAN makes decisions “on the fly” and executes the pre-programmed decision as fast as lightning.

Credit initiations risk & underwriting
Fraud detection & prediction and preventing
Risk based pricing
Big data
character Erian Systems
Urban Data Management
Insurance initiation risk
1-to-1 marketing
Industry maintenance cost reduction